Vision Fitness XF40 Touch Elliptical…

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Michael This machine has the best ellipsis I have ever stepped on. I used to run before my knees went bad. I had knee surgery and my knee caps hinder me from doing any running or sit ups. This trainer however allowed me to go long distances, without hurting my knees. I did test a lot of elliptical trainers and after just a few minutes my knees started hurting from the pressure the elliptical curve put on my knee cap. The matter was the definition of the ellipsis and its radius. With this trainer I was able to exercise every days without having to recover every time. There is however room for improvement. This is for the engineers:The fact that I can fold it is great, but it's kind of tricky, because the lifting of the tracks has to be in sync with the wheel. A break would be a good thing, where I can lock the wheel in the right place, before I lift up the tracks. After all, there are a lot of moving parts and one can easily hurt one's fingers when the wheel gives in. When it is put together, it is great, not tiny, but will fit nicely in a closet or a dedicated place. It's compact and won't use up too much space. However, getting it there is the problem, it's quiet heavy. You cannot pull it out of a closet or hide it under the bed like a rowing machine. If the engineers would come up with some sort of wheel system, so you could just wheel it into a corner, once it is folded up, this machine is perfect. I was contemplating on putting it on a small platform with wheels, bought from Home [...], but lost my machine in an apartment fire before I could build it.I am determined to replace it. It is the best exercise machine I ever had and considering the knees the pros outweigh the cons by far.


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Vision Fitness XF40 Touch Elliptical…

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