ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycl…

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Arnold Schumacher I read a lot of people complaining about getting the ifitlive connection going initially, but mine was a breeze. I also read a lot of complaints about SEVERELY LONG wait times on the phone for assistance, and THIS I can attest to.

Found a couple things immediately that need changing. You set your base resistance on your map when you build it, but are unable to change it afterwards(you need to be able to increase it as you get in better shape). Only way to do this is to make the map again-which thankfully is a 2-minute process.

I bought the thing because I've never been able to ride a stationary bike or treadmill because I get bored and thus prematurely spent from sitting in one spot the whole time. This thing makes it a lot better for me with all it's gizmos and technology.


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ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycl…

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